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Who doesn’t love winters? The soothing air, the muddy morning breathe, the smell of eucalyptus, seem to fill the world with fragrance. However, it is a distress to many. Winters bring their own set of miseries, specifically for old agers; they do more harm than good. Even for middle age groups, Knee Pain in Winters generally worsens. Have you ever thought why your joints ache more during winters as compared to other days?  There is a proven phenomenon behind this! Not only does the chilling air flares up many conditions like Knee Pain Problems arthritis, inflammation, etc., but changes in barometric pressure fuel them. As the decrease in barometric pressure hit your joints, it expands the connective tissues, reduces the external pressure against your joints and cause discomfort in the form of Chronic Knee Pain Problems.

Best Winter Cure – Asthijivak Knee Pain Relief Oil & Lep : To cope up with these and enjoy winters to the fullest, there is no other option than the healing touch of Ayurveda. Asthijivak is a miracle of Ayurveda that contains essential plant extracts and act as a Permanent Knee Pain Relief Cure. Asthijivak comes in the form of a soothing oil & lep that not only relieve knee pains but also strengthens surrounding musculature.

Asthijivak is a Natural Knee Pain Relief Treatment that contains a blend of extracts such as nirgundi, akarkara, rasna, kutki, giloy, kasaundi, etc. Nirgundi is particularly one of the herbs used to treat swollen & inflamed joints. This plant is full of medicinal properties that help reduce knee pain permanently. Especially, the leaves of Nirgundi are extremely useful to treat arthritis in the most natural way.  Apply Asthijivak – containing Nirgundi extracts with gentle hands over the affected area and forget joint pains forever.

Asthijivak oil & lep acts as the Best Ayurvedic Knee Pain Medicine and can be used by all without any hesitation.

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