Asthi Jivak : Helping Remove all Possible Knee Pain Causes in Just 45 Days | 09229153060

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Knee pain is one of the most common issues everyone is aware of! Your tiny knee isn’t that simple as it seems; there are many complex structures within that contribute to its normal functioning. The common causes include:

Inflammation: It occurs when a tendon located within your knee gets detached from the surface of joint and forms a free cavity. This cavity becomes stuck and thus, leads to joint pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation.

Osteoarthritis: This problem occurs mostly in elders or in the persons suffering from any early knee injury. It leads to pain in the knee. The initial knee pain may be transient but the nocturnal pains in advanced stage leads to chronic knee pain problems.

An ayurvedic knee pain relief solution:

Asthijivak oil and lep is an Ayurvedic knee pain relief treatment that cures all kinds of knee pain problems such as arthritis, gout and inflammation of knee joints. This is a unique mixture of different herbs such as akarkara, nirgundi, ajwain flower, paan, rasna, haldi, etc. that provides warmness in joints as well as increase lubrication for flexible joints.

The rare medicinal herbs chosen to formulate Asthijivak are rich in essential nutrients required by the body. These ingredients combine to nullify the severe effects of osteoporosis, arthritis, gout, etc. Asthijivak makes joint strong, supple and lesser prone to diseases, especially in old age. The gentle application of this oil and lep consistently will produce unbelievable results in just a month.

Asthijivak oil and lep is Most Effective On : Knee pain

Package contains –
2 bottles of Oil (total 200 ml).
2 Packet Powder.


Asthijivak Oil – Arand (Root), Ajwain , Akarkara, Gawarpath, Pan, Ashwagandha ,Haldi,Rasna, Nirgundi

Asthijivak Powder –Mitha Vish , Dard Maida Chhal , Kuchala, Rae, Halo, Haldi , Mila Thotha , Aankada Phool.

Benefits of Asthi Jivak :-

1 Joint Pain Relief.
2 Knee Pain.
3 Muscular Pain.

If You Want a more information about Asthijivak click on a link & call now 09229153060.


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